The documentary 'The True Cost' changed everything!

In a series of interviews we will get up close and personal with different Danes' and get to know about their opinions and habits when it comes to fashion and sustainability.

Today we are going to meet Camilla who's a design student and a passionate freetime sustainability blogger. We are getting to know her way in to sustainability and how she connects the contradictions fashion and sustainability. 


In which "areas" are sustainable fashion most important to you? (environment, working conditions, etc.) 

Sustainable fashion is most important to me in terms of the environment. We are so busy ruining the planet we live on, so for me the most important criteria is that the clothes I buy aren’t destroying and aren’t consuming the necessary ressources for our planets existence. I don’t want to contribute to harsh chemicals being sent out across the globe. I don’t want to buy clothes made from fossil fuels which is becoming a very limited ressource. I don’t want unnecessary plastic and chemicals in the clothes I wear so close to my body, and that gets in touch with so many hands/people before it lands in my wardrobe. Simple as that. 

How did you get started and when? 

As far as I can remember I have also been interested in fashion and design and all the more creative and crafty subjects in school. And during my teenage years I also developed a big interest in climate change, the environment and sustainability. And when I discovered about two years ago that the fashion industry has a very negative impact, I had to take action. Everything in me changed and turned upside down. I felt cheated on and totally lost. So I read everything I could, researched who was out there making a change. I also remember watching the documentary “The True Cost”, and from that point there was no going back!

How would you describe your style? 

Hmmmmm.. My style is very broad. But it is mainly built up around what I find comfortable to wear. So you will find a lot of soft, stretchy and loose items in my wardrobe. My style can go from being very feminin and colorful to a more sporty and black/white look. So I would say I can go both ways. But comfort is my main theme

What is more important to you when you buy a new piece of clothing? (use (user-friendly), material, style)

When I buy new clothing the two most important things to me are applicability and materials. I do love a good challenge, so I do style things a lot and very differently, but (!) I do really appreciate it when a piece of clothing has a lot of use in it. It makes the piece more easy to wear and to use with the rest of my wardrobe. A piece of clothing that requires I buy more new clothes is a NO GO! And same as in the previous question comfort means a lot to, therefore the material plays an important role for me. It has to feel nice on the skin otherwise I will avoid that piece of clothing. It has to bw nice to wear all day, with enough space for movement, etc. Otherwise the style falls flat to me. And theres nothing sustainable about avoiding certain pieces of clothing in your wardrobe… 

What are your three best sustainable clothing purchases and why? 

Hmmm, I do buy a lot of secondhand clothing. But the three best things I’ve bought totally new, is my basicitems from Organic Basics. They just do the best sustainable basics. Simple styles and soft to the touch.
After that it would be my beachbag/shopper from RainTree. The bag is fairtrade and made out of recycled plastic from bottles. I use it all the time both to the gym, to school and on weekendtrips and I can’t wait to use it this summer when going to the beach!

At last I think my grey hoodie from Sawy Copenhagen (they do change their name soon) is one of my best sustainable purchases. It goes with everything in my wardrobe, even my most feminin dress, and it is so easy to just throw on on a lazy day. And it’s comfortable.  

Do you have a favorite place to buy sustainable clothing? 

Actually, I don’t. I do shop online sometimes and when I do I go directly to the website of the brand I want to make a purchase from. Then I’m also assured that I can find the whole selection/assortment. The only physical shop I have really used is RES-RES on Nørrebro. Or Be Awear also on Nørrebro. 

What is your biggest challenge today when it comes to buying sustainable clothing? 

My biggest challenge right now is to find brands that matches my style. There are so many awesome brands out there, but I am still missing something stylewise. I do look a lot myself, but it would be so nice to get them all gathered in one place to create an overview. 

How many of your clothing purchases today will you say are sustainable? 

All of them. There is not one purchase that I make that isn’t sustainable in some kind of way. I will never go back to conventional fashion.

Your best advice for someone who wants to get started? 

My best advise for others who want to start thinking sustainability into their wardrobe is to TAKE IT EASY. You don’t have to replace everything in your wardrobe at once! Just take one step at a time. For instance start with the things you switch out the most, your socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc. There are a lot of great, sustainable alternatives out there. And remember to do your research cause it can be a mess. Especially when it comes to certifications and marketing. A lot is written, but not all of it is true. 


You can read and see a lot more about Camillas journey on her blog Sustainable Fashion Freak and Instagram that goes by the same name. 

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