The Fair Criteria

The Fair Criteria ensures that each piece is produced in a responsible manner and that it is safe to wear for you and your loved ones.

Each piece on Danish Fair Fashion fulfills the below criteria, which ensure that materials used and the business model behind them, are as fair as they come. 

These fabrics are allowed only as organic or from sustainable forestry:
Organic cotton
Tencel / Lyocell
Modal, produced in closed loop*
Bamboo, produced in closed loop*
Linen, grown in Europe
Wool/other animal fibres, organic, certified, or guaranteed that no animals are harmed, eg. mulesing free

Other fabrics allowed:
For practical reasons we allow minor parts (max 10%) of other materials to be used in a product, besides the above listed. 
Any redesigned fabrics are accepted as fair and sustainable, so are deadstock fabric, but from closed brands only e.g. bankruptcies.
Fully banned fabrics in new products:
Conventional cotton
Non-recycled polyester/polyamide
Conventional silk
Wool/animal fibers without guarantee of animal welfare 
closed loop is when water and chemicals are recycled in the wood to yarn process, and when only biodegradable chemicals are used.