Chilly nights blanket
Chilly nights blanket
Chilly nights blanket

Chilly nights blanket

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This blanket is made with a lot of wool!

It measures 210 cm x 140 cm and can be used as a blanket on the sofa, a cover for your bed or as an actual carpet in, for example, the kids room. This way the kids can play on a soft ground.

The blanket is hand knitted with 100% wool by our amazing women in Montenegro. 

100% wool is a natural fibre which can regulate your body's temperature and will make those chilly summer nights warm and cozy. 

  • 100% Wool
  • Handmade by women in Montenegro
  • Free range sheep

Washing Guide:

Wash the wool on 30°C or if you have a wool programme use that instead. After washing; Give the fabric a tuck before hanging it to dry.